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While AGC is the largest long-standing custom fluoropolymer compounder in the world, we are broadening our value-added material science solutions by creating the Fluon+ brand of products. Drawing from an extensive global supply chain of resins and fillers, we can produce virtually any enhanced polymer by adding reactive functionality, pigments, reinforced fillers, flexibility and more to create five different classes of materials under the Fluon+ brand.

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We offer a wide selection of off-the-shelf compounds that can be used to enhance thermoplastic parts, components, composite materials and substrates. These materials add performance characteristics such as chemical resistance, wear resistance, creep resistance, toughness, lubricity, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. Custom solutions are also available.
we also offer our customers access to our pioneering, multimillion-dollar technology centers with specialized resources and equipment for advanced product development located in the USA and Asia.

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Tailored to your specific needs,we can compound any PTFE resin with pigments and fillers such as glass, graphite and metal powders.

These compounds enhance properties and add pigment to a wide range of fluoropolymer resins including ECTFE, ETFE, FEP, MFA, PFA and PVDF.

These adhesive grades are fluorinated adhesive resin compounds made with Fluon ETFE or PFA. They are used in applications requiring strong adhesion to polyamide polymers, especially nylon 12.

Fluon+ Modifiers are functionalized fluoropolymers incorporated into existing polymer matrices and composites to greatly improve impact resistance, reduce defects and improve yields in high-temperature molding.

Fluon+Composites are adhesive fluoropolymers combined/laminated with CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics)/CFRTP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermo Plastics).

Fluon+mPlastics are a new range of compounds modified with fluoropolymer materials. These fluorinated compounding solutions can be tailored to achieve specific performance requirements.


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